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10 Types of Participants You’ll Meet in a Government Seminar

I got the chance to be a part of an eighteen-day training of a government department and I can’t help but notice that there are several kinds of participant in it.

Let’s start with the most common and noticeable…

1. The Valedictorians

* These are the participants who always take the mic from the speaker and share their insights about every topic/idea being discussed, like all the time.
*They are “magaling” naman and often are mas magaling pa kaysa sa speaker, but somehow over exposed.
*They pro-long the discussions, which sometimes can go out of context.
They make the hungry participants angry for delaying their lunch/dinner.
*They volunteer to do unnecessary tasks and brag about it being their forte but would later compromise their group mates who are annoyed and unwilling to participate (because they want to go home early) in finishing tasks.
*They usually complain about headaches and being busy all the time.
*Talent: Showing-off

2. The Me-ma Lang

*These are the participants who are not really bright but they just need to speak themselves out otherwise.
*Napipinsan ng mga Valedictorians, but most of their recitations are not related to the topic kaya nga me-ma (Me Masabi Lang).
*Recipients of the never-ending rolling eyes and harsh sighs of the other participants as well as comments such as “Okay na…”, “Tama na…” and “Hay, here we go again…”
*Sometimes they too have points but they just can’t deliver them right.
*Talent: Paraphrasing

3. The Commentators

*These are few of the participants who utter comments under their own breaths, like correcting mispronounced words from the speaker or a fellow participant.
*In short, grammar Nazis.
*They recite less or not at all because they want the session to end on time if not early.
*Talent: Backbiting and Eye-rolling

4. The Food-Watchers

*These are the people who ask for second servings of every meal/snack.
*Their usual lines are “Is the food here yet?” or “Tapusin na, I’m hungry already.” or “Yung malaki yung akin ha” and the likes.
*Most common question: “Sa’yo yan, kakainin mo pa ba ‘yan?”
*Talent: Complaining about the menu but eating the food anyway.

5. The Pabibo

*These are the fun people!
*They roam around the session hall even when discussions are on-going and they own several seats in the class.
*Talent: Making the other participants alive and enthusiastic through their active participation and jolly recitations.

6. The Narcoleptics

*These are the quiet people and I like them the most, personally.
*Talent: Sleeping with eyes wide open.

7. The WaKoKer

*These are the participants who usually have an attention span of ten to twenty seconds only, after that, asa pa more.
*They’re always bored.
*They usually look like swans because they’re always bent down sticking their noses to their cellphones or tabs, playing games or stalking someone on Facebook.
*They don’t care about outputs, sometimes they go out for hours and return if it’s already meal time.
*Talent: Teleporting

8. The Grumpy Pax

*These are the cranky people.
*They harbored all the negativities in life and complain mostly about everything in the training, from food to the comfort room.
*Talent: Complaining a lot.

9. The Power-Pointers

*These are the people who would volunteer others for doing a task, like reporting or presenting outputs.
*They use their pointing finger all the time.
*Talent: Bullying

10. The Ideal Type

*These are the intent listeners, full of “uhuhs” and the participative.
*They listen intently to the resource speakers, seldom commenting or asking question and participating actively in every workshop without being grumpy.
*They are bright and dynamic but won’t try shove it to everyone’s face by showing-off.
*Talent: 3-hours Attention Span and An Abyss of Patience

I belong to numbers 3, 7 and 8. I’m working my way through number 10, but definitely a number 1 hater.



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