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Isang gabi, while I was reading a good book by John Grisham, my erpats suddenly butted in and asked me what I wanted to do when I get older, like after ko daw makapagtapos sa UP. At first, I couldn’t give him an upright answer because I was just 19 at that time and I was not yet into adulthood and I didn’t know what riches will Psych give me in the end so I just gave him my usual shrug as I meant to say “Di pa’k maram, Pa.” Then he said, “Pag abogada nala…” adding up a confident smile and a pat in my head.

I was astonished as to how confident he was when he said that to me since I’m not really into reading and digesting numerous cases and stuff like that and back when I was a little kid, it was the least career I wanted to take. Most importantly, I would not probably survive law school. Pero, infairness naman pag naging lawyer ang isang tao, talagang big time yun not to mention the much money he can earn by just taking in a single case. Maybe that’s why erpats wants me to pursue that path. Bilang galing sa isang mahirap na pamilya, syempre pinag-iisipan ko din naman ‘yan. I mean why not, diba? Kung mas matalino lang din ako at mapera ang mga magulang ko for some milking, pwede rin akong mag doctor. Again, why not?

At galing ako sa henerasyong Millennial. Sabi nila, tayo daw ‘yong lazy generation. We lack motivation. Biggest contributors to the ballooning world population even at our tender age. Wala tayong malalaking pangarap, madali tayong ma disappoint, puro Facebook lang and ating inaatupag, magaling lang tayong mang-bash, puro selfie, Aldub and Game of Thrones nalang bukambibig natin, walang sinabi si Rizal at Bonifacio sa mediocrity ng henerasyong ito…

Pero ‘nung sinabi sa akin yun ni Papa, para akong tinamaan ng unan sa ulo. I realized totoo talagang bilib sa atin yung mga parents natin kasi iniisip nilang we are good enough to achieve their dreams for us, and the more touching part is when they think that we actually can. Like Papa, he thinks I am super bright that I can do law. I mean, yes kaya ko ‘yan kung   1. Hindi ako tamad, 2. I am good at being bookish, 3. We/I have the money to send myself to school again.

As a person, marami din naman akong pangarap sa buhay. Hindi naman true na porket I am from this useless generation that I do not dream of becoming something someday. Hindi nga lang kalakihan ang mga dreams ko. Like pangarap ko na dapat before reaching 30, may sariling bahay at lupa na ako, or nakapag-abroad na ako (kasi working abroad is better and mas may “wow” factor than anything in the Philippines), or I have my own car, or I already travelled all the beaches in this country… Mga ganoon. Hindi naman ako kahit kalian nangarap na maging president lalo’t hindi naman ako Cojuanco o Marcos o Romualdez. Pang-elite lang yung mga ganyan. Elite na gustong yumaman pa lalo.

Pero as a millennial na galing sa Pilipinas, sasabihin ko sa inyo ang totoo for me. Talagang mahirap tuparin ang mga pangarap na ito even if they are less complicated especially if you were born without a silver spoon in your mouth. Working hard to reach whatever goals you have is the very first must. Your 16 years of education is never enough to get you anywhere high-paying aside from BPOs for example (which is a bit depressing). Maraming graduates and nagtitiis sa call centers kasi there is a lack of quality careers in this country that pay their education’s worth. If there are any, kailangan namang half of your life kang nag-aral to get them. Even in the government, kung walang master’s degree, good luck at being a JO who gets paid Php260/day forever (provincial rate), tas sa’yo lahat pinapasa kahit mabibigat na gawain, while the regulars who get paid enough plus benefits just sit and scroll on their FB pages until 5PM (not all though, thank God). Pag mag teacher o magpulis o nurse ka naman, talagang hindi ka yayaman. Kahit chalk o bala, you have to buy them yourself. Naturally, these things loses the little motivation that’s keeping our youth hold on. What future awaits for them, for us? Wala. Social media lang ang pwedeng atupagin, at least it’s far from the ugly reality na probably pangit ang future na para sa atin.

Okay, marami na akong sinabi. The point is, where am I going, really? What do I want to do when I get older? One thing people don’t notice about us Millennials is that we are a generation of existentialists. For example, I just popped out an existential question that up until now, I don’t have the answer to. “Be a housewife” is just a tremendously enticing answer to give.

We are the new generation of Nomads. Walang permanenteng trabaho. Walang kasiguraduhan. No definite personal growth and opportunities for self-actualization.  “Where ever the opportunities may be, there we will be” ang ating peg.

So Pa, give me money now and I’ll go to Beda and enroll my butt there instead of sitting in this lousy, quiet office room and wasting my time writing rubbish for my generation that’s too wasted and overloaded with too much junk already.

Oh, I remember, we’re both broke so wag nalang.



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