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Keep Calm and Travel Like One of ‘Em Boys

For this year, I and some of my friends went on an extreme and impulsive tour. Our shared goals:

1. Get away from the place where we usually get brain-drained.
2. Have fun while spending our hard-earned money.
3. Acquire bruises and scratches and…
4. Feel near-death experience itself.

So, in this tour, what we did was just trekked, no biggie. Hiked, small thing (*scorns). Swam, most favorite part. And jumped from at least 25 ft tall water falls to 40 ft uh… insanity.

Here, take a peek:













Look nice, didn’t it? To tell you, it was not easy but hell was it worth our everything. How to get there?

1. Ride a bus going south that will pass by Kawasan Falls, in Badian from  Cebu’s South terminal. It’s a 3-hr ride worth Php150 and don’t forget to grab some snacks on the way.

2. Tell the (what’s this in English?) Kundoktor to drop you off at St. Thomas Church near Kawasan Falls in Badian.

3. When you get there, there are plenty of locals who offer tour packages and several places to stay overnight.

4. Tour packages amount to 1,200-1,500 per person inclusive of lunch, life vests and head gear, depending on the number of pax per group and also how you bargain with the local tour guides. They can rent you suits and shoes, if you opt for less hassle travel back home without dripping clothes and squeaking  shoes for 100-150 per suit/pair of shoes.

5. Go-Pro can also be rented at 500/group, if you don’t have underwater camera or if you care about your iPhones and Androids. Here’s an unsolicited advice: this tour is full of jumping and swimming, in short action-packed, so if you don’t want to lose an investment, leave your phones at the hotel and just be contented with shaky and dark photos taken by your tour guides. That is what’s your photo editors are for.

6. Let it go. Jump and shout and have fun. Did I say jump? We’re still alive, so you probably can make it, too.

7. Take care. 🙂



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