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Notes to Demanding Girlfriends

Be not sure of him. Don’t cling. Expect less from him . Love him the way he loves you. Don’t give too much, don’t give him your everything. Leave something for yourself. In this sense, you will understand why there are things that he wouldn’t do  for you the way you would for him. Avoid confrontations. He hates it, and would never understand it anyway. Don’t cry in front of him. Say everything you want to say when he’s not listening. Don’t demand. Unlike before, he’s a man now, he just wants to chill. Be there for you when you need someone because he won’t. Come on, don’t let your love eat you up. Did I already say always expect less?  Or better yet, expect none. So that you won’t always  be disappointed at the end of the day… Most importantly, get a life that does not revolve around him.

Be very not sure of him. When the right time comes, you’ll know who to give your whole life and love who will surely understand, cherish and deserve it. Someday, you’ll be someone’s priority. Someday, somebody will love you the way you deserve to be loved, without conditions and reservations.

But for now, love him until you no longer can. Just don’t  be very sure of him, until he realizes your worth.

Besides, there’s more to life than unrequited love. Focus ka muna sa career.

Disclaimer: Fiction po ito.

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