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Hooray to Our Radical Pope!

Source: Hooray to Our Radical Pope!

Just today, I smiled as I’m sipping my morning coffee because I heard the news that Pope Francis “radically simplifies rules on marriage annulment”. I am not surprised at all! In fact I am happy about it. This is what the church is supposed to be doing even from the start. I like the point where the emphasis is on the sacrament of marriage where cheating/adultery and any kind of abuse are by no means sacred. (By which basis I put my faith on people thinking open-mindedly about everything.) I mean first, the LGBT rights, and now, this simplification and free annulment for the poor. I have nothing against anyone who may disagree with what the Pope (or the Catholic Church at that) has done, we can always agree to disagree but this is a huge step for humanity! The poor will be assuaged from this expensive right, and the rich can just hang onto their pennies. I also have nothing to say about how the church should be focusing instead on other more important and pressing issues right now, like refugees from Syria, but it’s beside the point, since it’s surely is political (with the Titan Countries involved), also considering the separation of church and state affairs, and all… The church, as well as any other country can only do so much.  Anyway, going back, it’s indeed the “Year of Mercy”.

Let’s face it. All things between couples do not end when they get married. It’s a start of a new life, they say. And let’s also face it that according to most studies and statistics, people tend to abuse someone who is not of blood related to them, which in any case can be the husband or the wife. Probably we can also include our nature of being adulterous. We can’t just have one. We have to have more of what we’re supposed to have.

Moreover, nothing is permanent, so feelings and well, people do change. So Pope is right to give justice to the sanctity of marriage. Marriage is one of the social protocols that the humankind has created. Sure, it’s a symbol of unity and love and people promising half of their lives to the one they want to share it with. By that, we put in the marriage’s sanctity. But without unity, without the love and respect, this sanctity dies. Annulment, when used justly, can be a hero to battered wives, emotionally-abused husbands, and traumatized children of parents always fighting and shouting in front of them. Moreover, it’s not right at all to imprison people who are suffering from their own marriage, most importantly with the relationship they share with the persons who were once the loves of their lives just because we want to please our God (or be scared of what others may think) or just because we believe that God would frown if we decide to do what’s right. Everything about God is just, the concept, the beliefs, the teachings, whatever God’s name maybe. We humans make God unjust.

So, since protocols are usually done through expensive papers and court hearings, justice is served hot and fast when one has all the resources. Unfortunately, for example in the Philippines, I’m guessing 75% of the population wouldn’t afford losing money for annulment procedures, they’d rather spend it say, in their kids’ food, clothes and education. So because of this, sometimes, married couples may just separate illegally, and would most probably commit another “sin” by engaging in a new relationship while still being “technically” married.

My boyfriend doesn’t believe in marriage (I think so). I, on the other hand, at least believe in people who marry and try to have kids and co-exist for some time. I believe in love and sanctity and faith and ever thing else that “makes the world go round”. So, I am happy about this news, really. Maybe I can convince him to marry me today, and tomorrow we will be annulled if ever one of us broke our sacred promise. We can afford it; we’re still rich working kids. Which, I think is…nope. I’d rather sip my coffee first.



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