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When You’re 22 and Life Be Like…

When I got 22, I was positive that the world might be “a better place to live in”… until one day, I woke up and the freakin’ truth hits me  hard on the forehead “Holy dog!  I was never ever really prepped for this…” Here are the 22 things I have learned while I’m on it.

  1. First, you’re young but not really and you will struggle over this, psychologically and socially.
  2. Your grades won’t matter in the “real world”. Believe me. (Unless it’s a law firm, or an accounting office, or anything that has something to do with business in lying and money. No offense.)
  3. Know that organizations are all betting up for those who are wealthy in experience and of course those who invested money on taking those freaking expensive post-grad degrees.
  4. You will work hard, and by hard I mean waking up early in the morning and getting home tired, without interest in videoke anymore and night outs unless it’s weekend or the team (with your cute guy crush) invited you out (note: which will also be highly negotiable especially when your desire to just stay in bed is greater than to see cute boys in the dark.)
  5. You will be paid less or enough or if you get lucky, might be more than enough. Who cares? Nobody, unless you have huge bills as well as an unbounded extent of an ego to contain.
  6. Much money. No, it will never really be much, all the more be enough, because your demanding family will think that you’re rich!
  7. Because of that, you’ll have to sustain both yours and your family’s needs AND wants.
  8. You will have to struggle with your cognitive dissonance over things that matter (like whether is it justifiable travelling once to a new place and enjoying  while thinking about your family back home and what are they eating for dinner?)
  9. You will know that nobody have ever, or will ever, tell you why/ when/where/how/what growing up is really like. Nope, not even in the books darling, not especially in The Fault In Our Stars.
  10. You will deal with your conscience when you eat out in a luxurious restaurant and you haven’t even paid for your rent yet.
  11. You will wince at the idea that you might not even be stable yet when you reach 30 while your friends and acquaintances are posting pictures of their new freaking cars, new nice homes, new cute babies and new pretty wives/husbands.
  12. You will rationalize things a lot.
  13. You will think about marrying and having kids, but doubting it because you are scared of your country’s shitty economy.
  14. You will have a job which pays high but kills you and another job that makes you happy but barely pays you.
  15. You will learn to cry at night as well as laugh heartily even over trivial things, like a lot.
  16. You will be contented to be alone sometimes, but you will need someone to be with most of the time.
  17. Your friends will rarely call you. It’s not fine but just move on and find new ones who will do.
  18. You will have a more stable and more mature love life (if you’re lucky to have one).
  19. You will learn the importance of experience, age and wisdom and everything else that comes along the journey to a “better place to live in.” *Cheesy.
  20. You will be proud of yourself and everything good you’ve ever accomplished.
  21. You’re 22, which means you’ll be 23 next year. Good job! More learnings and much more taking it easy and hanging on to do. Enjoy!
  22. You will learn all of these the hard way. No pressure. None at all.



I am 22 and I am happy.  Cheers!



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