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20 Reasons Why I Am Not a Fan of Working on Weekends (*Also on Leaving The office Late)

*Heads-up: These are my OWN reasons and OPINION. I have nothing against people who disagree with me regarding this matter. I respect the fact that everything is always up to anyone’s choices and disposition in life.

I am Melot, I am 22. I work as a social worker. My work is stressing and slightly full-packed and so I dearly defend my right to lunch breaks and free time! Obviously, I really hate working on weekends. Here’s why (random order):

  1. A person’s mental health depends on the balance on three basic components of functionality: work, love, play. As a Psychology major graduate, I have learned that those people who can balance these three are more productive and healthier than those who  cannot (or do not.)
  1. There are five working days per week, which basically means I have plenty of days to work on stuff that need to be done.
  1. There are only two resting days per week and I value these little free days I have, because…
  2. …I even need a day between Saturday and Sunday!
  1. It’s not sensible to take a day-off on a weekday to make-up for a weekend work because I don’t find it sensible!
  1. I have a family to go home to.
  1. I have friends to hang-out with and places to go and food to eat and booze to drink and nights to waste and mornings to enjoy and laze around without the need to rush.
  1. Heck, it sucks to be in an office 8+ hours a day for five days per week plus overtime work that is not paid. It’s not really cool, you know.
  1. Dedication is not measured by the hours you spend working but by the outputs you make.
  1. Burnout is real.
  1. As a social worker, I need to consider working with people who are only available on weekends but there are always alternative plans and schedules. It’s not like I can’t find a suitable time that can be agreed upon within those five working days (please also read Reason No. 2)
  1. I try hard to end Fridays well and enjoy “Thank God, It’s Friday!”
  1. I’m ¼ Type A and ¾ Type B person. (Google for definitions.)
  1. I believe that those who work on weekends are (sometimes) not hard working; rather they don’t know (and fail) how to finish tasks on stimulated time. (Exception to those who do not have any other choice.)
  1. My life should have a quality and a meaning. I understand that there are always work to be done, but if it encroaches the quality life I want to live, then I need to set certain boundaries. (“It’s a right I defend.”)

About: (*Also on Leaving The office Late)

  1. Presenteeism is just other workers also thinking “I wish someone will just go home first” in order to avoid the guilt of leaving the office on time before the others.
  1. In my case, I believe that others don’t really work late, they stay because after 5PM in our office, they can finally utilize social networking sites since it’s not blocked anymore by the IT. Hahaha!
  1. Some really need several tasks to be done, but if it’s impossible, there’s always tomorrow.(Also this may depend on how much “free/break” time one thinks he/she needs.)
  1. Unless I’m on field, I am less productive already when the clock strikes 3PM. How much more after 5PM?
  1. Lastly, I just find every one to be a little conventional for a free-spirited person like me.

There’s more to life than sitting around in the office even if it’s unnecessary to do so. 



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